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We are a VIT Student Club that aims at
fostering entrepreneurial spirit
among the students and provide
them perfect platform

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What we do?

The Entrepreneurship Cell is an endeavor to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the students and to provide them a platform for converting their ideas into businesses. We desire to create the requisite support structure that an individual needs in his quest for the unknown and unexplored zone of entrepreneurship as we believe that if given the right opportunity and environment the bright ideas of the young minds can be easily converted into large businesses.

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Insights to E-Cell

Start Up,VIT

Are you solving a real world problem?
Do you have a promising technology product idea?
Does your idea solve a social challenge or drudgery?
Do you have an unbeatable team? If yes, then this is the time.


HackerTech is a National Level Hackathon organised annually at VIT Vellore. HackerTech provides the students the scope to expand their horizon, ideate, brainstorm and unravel a solution for the given problem statements. To provide the initial boost a product requires to establish themselves as a startup, we will fund every viable prototype that stands unbeatable in every aspect.


E-Summit’19 is the annual Entrepreneurship Fest organised by E-Cell, VIT which opens the doors to the world of business. With its exclusive class of exhilarating events, wonderful workshops, exciting expos and the perfect panel of spectacular speakers, E-Summit is a once in a lifetime experience that will be carved in your hearts and minds forever.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

E-Cell, VIT organises a 3 Day, Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp four times an year with the aim to educate our students about the various shades of business. Several reputed speakers grace the occasion to enlighten the crowd with their perspective on entrepreneurship and share their experiences. The students learn how to adapt themselves to the entrepreneurial world.

Alumni Talk

Alumni Talk organized by E-Cell, VIT is an event where students get an insight into the lives of young alumni entrepreneurs. The speakers focused on the passion that drives entrepreneurs towards making their dreams come true and how we, as the youth, must harbor the same zeal and ardour

MedTech Challenge

MedTech Challenge involves students learning a great deal about the medical sector and came up with revolutionising ideas that had amazing potential. The teams pitch their ideas in front of the distinguished guests and jury members. Their projects gained the initial boost and MedTech Challenge emerges as the start of their new journey.

Board 19-20

Success is Green

Pratiksha Pattanaik

Managing Director

Kushagra Agarwal

Deputy Managing Director

Yash Mishra

Deputy Managing Director

Ankit Makhija

Director of Events and Operations

Aditya Kaushik

Director of Marketing

Rajat Srivastava

Director of Design

Ishan Sahani

Director of Finance

Bhavitha Kosaraju

Director of Sponsorship

Chinmay Soni

Director of Research and Developement

Rachit Manchanda

Director of Technology

Dhruvika Sharma

Director of Collaborations

Pragun Mittal

Director of Collaborations

Vidhushi Singh

Director of Sales and Registration

Purushottam Hari

Director of Projects


Director of External Affairs

Radhika Batra

Public Relations Officer

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